Potash Feldspar

Potash Feldspar

Presenting a wide quality range of Potash Feldspar lumps from our own mines, It is known for its unmatched quality and superior surface finish. These Potash Feldspar powder is manufactured by using latest WET GRINDING cutting edge technology and sophisticated engineering


Potash Feldspar Chemical Properties:
Properties AJ-PO-A
SiO2 70% (± 1%)
AL2O3 17% (± 1%)
K2O 7% (± 1%)
NA2O 2.5% (± 1%)
TIO2 Traces
CaO <0.9%
MgO Traces
Fe2O3 0.1%(± 0.05%)
LOI 0.5%
Physical Properties of Potash Feldspar Powder:
Parameters Values
L Value >84
A Value -0.2 ~ - 0.5
B Value <4.0
Whiteness >67Degress
Particles Size 5% above 200#(74 Microns)
Note:All above parameters are measured after firing at 1210°C temperature in Laboratory  Furnace

Photos of Potash Feldspar

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